Back to Conservation Bay, Loch Carron – June 2013

Click on image to view the photo gallery
Click on image to view the photo gallery

We returned to Loch Carron at the end of June to dive Conservation Bay again. You can read more about our previous visit as well as where it is etc. by clicking here. We also dived Inverinate the same weekend which is the subject of another earlier post.
Having sussed out the best time to dive here we were able to relax a bit more than last time and enjoy this stunning site. We headed a good bit further along the wall to where it starts to peter out until meeting the sea bed and disappearing completely.

Stranded Moon Jellies were being snacked on by Spider Crabs in a couple of places and a Sun-star was having a go at eating a Dead Man’s Finger Sea Slug, which was a bit of an odd sight! Elsewhere the Sea Slugs were munching chunks out of the Dead Man’s Fingers and a few Butterfish were ganging up and trying to snatch something from a Velvet Crab.
It will be interesting to visit this site a few different time throughout the course of a year to see how the quantity and type of life varies with the change of the seasons. We also plan to dive at nearby North Strome which is supposed to be equally impressive. Meanwhile here are some more photos I took at Conservation Bay. 🙂


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