‘Unknown Wreck’, Moray Firth – July 2013

Click on image to view the photo gallery
Click on image to view the photo gallery

Yet another of this years dives that was a first for me, on a wreck this time and one whose identity is unknown. This is fairly unusual as most of the wrecks dived by recreational divers have been identified and it is usually possible with a bit of Googling to find out how the vessel met its fate. Not so for this particular wreck which consists of a good sized boiler and a collection of other wreckage strewn across the bottom at a depth of approximately 26m not far from Cullen.

We were fortunate to have a sunny day to explore the wreck following a period of continued warm, calm weather. This resulted in some great visibility (as can be seen from the pictures) making it easy to cover the length and breadth of the wreckage which is fairly well spaced out. There were loads of small fish hanging around and darting in and out of the boiler plus a Conger Eel and several Ling tucked underneath remains of hull plating dotted here and there on the bottom. A squid had even attached its eggs to a piece of netting that was snagged on a section of wreckage. We had enough time to cover the majority of it before returning to the boiler and heading back up the shot line, the small amount of deco we had notched up disappearing as we did so.

Definitely a wreck that deserves a return visit and the afternoon’s dive at Capel Rock was just as good! 🙂

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