Loch Fyne – November 2012

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A weekend of diving aboard The Fyne Pioneer with skipper Simon Exley at the end of November provided some chilly but thoroughly enjoyable dives at sites including Stallion Rock, Minard Islands and ‘Big Rock’. The weather gods continued to look favourably on us and on the Sunday in particular Loch Fyne was like a mirror.
Dog fish are my kind of photo subjects and there were several lounging around on the bottom at ‘Big Rock’. I also had what I think is only my second sighting of a Little Cuttlefish in the undercut at the bottom of the wall at Stallion Rock. I had to rush to snap a picture of it before it was engulfed in a cloud of the easily stirred up dead leaves and detritus lying on the bottom.  There was a huge variety of life on the wall including one of the biggest Pipefish I’ve ever seen (see pics below).

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