‘The Caves’, Loch Long – November 2012

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Another dive using one of the excellent dive guides over on the Finstrokes website, this time in Loch Long.
Driving down the South side of the Loch there aren’t an abundance of entry points for getting down to the water for a dive. Some enterprising person decided to get around the problem by climbing through a culvert and that is how you start this dive – fully kitted up, clambering down the side of, then under the main road and down to the shore. I had a feeling beforehand that it might turn into something akin to a flume at the swimming pool followed by a dry suit with a large tear in the nether regions, but it didn’t. It was actually quite good fun!

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The dive itself is a nice easy scenic dive with plenty of life to see, although it was pretty dark down at the deepest point. A good torch was definitely required!


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  1. Some fantastic pics you have taken here..
    Just fell upon your pictures while looking for advice on fishing .
    Keep up the good work and stay safe diving.
    All the best
    Andy in glesga

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