Finnart, Loch Long – November 2012

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Finnart has to have one of the easiest shore dive entries that I know of. It also has ample car parking, which is just as well as the site is used a lot for training dives and the car park can get quite busy.

This dive itself consists of exploring a series of sections of an old pier that stood at the site until it was demolished by dynamiting. The supports from the pier are scattered around the bottom in fairly close proximity to one another which makes it easy to navigate a route along them and then return back to your starting point. All the usual suspects you can find in sea lochs on the West Coast can be found here including large clusters of Peacock Worms on the undersides of the supports. There also seemed to be a bit of a Whelk orgy going on that weekend with big clumps of eggs being laid and as many as five or six Common Whelks congregating around them.

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