Rosehearty and Millshore – June 2013

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Click on the image to view the photo gallery

A dull, drizzling morning developed into an afternoon of blue sky and blazing sunshine when we dived Rosehearty and Millshore recently. Contrary to the report we received from a surfacing diver, the visibility was actually very good (as can be seen from some of the photos). All the usual life was present and I even met my first Duck underwater whilst leading the group round the corner of one of the rocks at Millshore. I’m not sure which of the two of us got the bigger fright but the Duck decided to end his dive shortly afterwards! A Duck was preferable to the dead Badger that we met there last year, which has to be the oddest thing I’ve ever encountered on a dive. Having commented recently about how I didn’t think I had seen a Lumpsucker before, I saw the third one in as many weeks.

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The Port Napier – June 2013

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Despite the lack of updates to the blog I have in fact been doing a lot of diving in the past six months, honest! It was only after returning from a weekend on Skye that I downloaded my dive computer and discovered that a very enjoyable dive on the wreck of The Port Napier had actually been my 50th dive of 2013!
The Port Napier has to be one of the most well dived wrecks in Scotland and justifiably so. There isn’t much I can write about it that hasn’t already been covered several times over, but if you don’t know what sort of vessel The Port Napier was and the dramatic manner in which it came to be be where it is, you can find out more here, here and here for starters. Continue reading “The Port Napier – June 2013”