Glas Island, Loch Fyne – March 2014

Click on image to view the photo gallery
Click on image to view the photo gallery

Glas Island is without a doubt one of my favourite dive sites in Loch Fyne.   We headed back there in March for another weekend of diving aboard the Fyne Pioneer.  Otter Spit (a sand bar, not the drool of a small, furry aquatic mammal) effectively narrows the  loch in the locality of Glas Island and accelerates the tidal flow past it.  This makes for a proliferation of filter feeding life and a bottom that is swept free of the silt that can be found elsewhere in the loch.


There are huge numbers of anemone’s of various varieties attached to all of the rocky shelves that step down the East side of the island.  We spotted a conger eel hidden away in one of the crevices, but he was curious enough to make himself available for a photograph.  There were hermit crabs crawling around all over the place, some with tiny anemones growing on their shells and one was feasting on the eggs of a Buckie (Edible Whelk).  Dead Man’s Finger Sea Slug’s were noshing on their favourite foodstuff and making their way across the sand to their next meal.  On a good day when everything is out and feeding it’s a pretty stunning dive and one that I have tended to do mostly in the Winter months – Loch Fyne being  a location that you’re almost guaranteed to get a dive in all but the worst weather.  I’m looking forward to the opportunity to dive it during the Summer months to see how it differs.  Regardless of when you go Glas Island makes for a great dive, but I think the photographs speak for themselves: –

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