Conservation Bay, Loch Carron – May 2014

Click on image to view the photo gallery
Click on image to view the photo gallery

Back in May I visited Conservation Bay at Loch Carron again and did three dives over the course of a weekend.  This wasn’t originally the intention, but the weather was so good on the Saturday that after completing the morning dive at Low Water Slack we decided to stick around and dive it again at High Water Slack.

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All the usual life was present but there were hundreds of little amphopods swarming everywhere which we  later identified as being Iphimedia Obesa.  It was entertaining watching the spider crabs trying to grab them in passing and make a snack out of them.  There are always large numbers of Dead Man’s Finger Sea Slugs here  (Tritonia Hombergi) and this time there were young ones as well as clusters of their eggs.

Between dives I took the opportunity to capture a bit of video of the dive site from a different perspective: –

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